[SOLVED - V28 Update] Hansel & Gretel’s Special Skills Cause Seshat to Take Damage Every Turn Once at Full Mana, and Never Fire

There’s an issue with Seshat and Hansel.
Seshat’s mana is not reduced because it’s innate ability. I’ve screen capture video too of the whole process

Sounds like working as intended, and a downside to mana always being full while under Witch Killer. It’s only 3 turns.

Have someone submitted a ticket to ask whether this is a bug or intended?

Z has brought this thread to Staff attention :slight_smile:

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Any update on this? I just discovered it for the first time today.

It is intended behavior.

Not sure there actually has been confirmation from SGG about this; unless you have a source?

I thought one of the staff had replied in this thread, but I don’t see it, so I probably got this one mixed up with another. That’s what 3:30 am does. :wink:

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Seshat’s special was investigated here and we agreed that this is not intended behavior. We’ll fix this bug in the next update (version 28)!


Thanks, @Petri. That’s good to know


I just experienced the same behavior with Hansels special on a cleric (mad Hatter) when they triggered their mana shield talent.

How will it be fixed? Resistance against the ailment at all or mana reduction over resistance?

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I do not agree that it is a mistake and they have already explained here in the topic why it is not a mistake. She is under the effect of hansel, so she takes damage, so she doesn’t reduce mana due to her innate resistance and everything is repeated until 3 turns pass.

That is how it currently works. However, if you look up 2 posts at the reply from @Petri, he confirms that that is not how the developers intended it to work. It will be changed in the next update


Okay, but where is the error?

They haven’t specified which way they intended it to work. Either Manashield should prevent Hansel’s special from taking effect at all, or it shouldn’t prevent the mana reduction along with the damage. It will be interesting to see how it changes in the next update

So I don’t understand where the bug is. It has no mana shield, what it does have is a direct resistance to mana reduction. It’s kind of confusing but it doesn’t seem like a bug.

It isn’t a bug, since both specials work as expected, but @Petri said, that it isn’t the intended behavior. The only question now, what is the intended behavior?

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Unfortunately Petri used the word “bug” to describe this interaction.

Anyways, I think this is a very unfortunate interaction for Seshat. I think a solution would be to add a cap on how many times Hensel special can do 21% damage while the opponent has full mana. Lets say only once.

So for Seshat, if she is full mana and gets hit by Hansel special, she will receive 21% damage but her mana won’t get reduced. On her next turn she won’t get damage and her mana won’t get reduced. Same goes for her third turn.

And for any other hero, that hero will receive 21% damage and his/her mana will be reduced by 50%. If that hero fills his/her mana again while Hansel special is active, he/she won’t get damage but will get 50% mana reduction. Same goes for third turn.

Closing this thread as this bug was fixed in the V28 update:

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