[SOLVED - V28 Update] Hansel & Gretel’s Special Skills Cause Seshat to Take Damage Every Turn Once at Full Mana, and Never Fire

@zephyr1 was just raiding against Seshat and used Hansels SS on her and I noticed that her mana never dropped so each turn she kept taking the 21% damage is that supposed to happen. I havent found a seshat to raid since or else Id see if it dupped at all.


Seshat has an innate resistance to direct Manna Reduction


That makes sense but I’ve never seen it work like that before

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I have both heroes and reading their special descriptions I am not surprised by this.

Hansel deals his 255% damage and then 21% if manna is full. As he has failed, because of ‘innate manna reduction resistance’ to reduce the manna and if it was full then the 21% should be applied for as long as it is at 100%


So I guess my thought process is that hansel is supposed to indirectly reduce mana, and I also have both heroes and use both frequently its just I have not run into this situation and wanted clearity cause it seems like an eff that should protect seshat is actually dooming her in this situation.

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Surely once her mana was full the AI would fire, though, so Hansel should only affect her for one turn? Unless she was under a silence effect from Miki or Peters (I am blessed with both!) which would hold her at full mana?

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hansels SS is a three turn lock so if you cast on her while her bar is full then for three turns she will take 21% damage which is pretty substantial.

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Ah, right. This is bad news for me as my team massively leans on Seshat, but good news for my nearly levelled Hansel :grin:

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I’ll see if I can find an occasion to experiment with that.

As @Gorann said, I would have thought it’s sort of moot, since Seshat would just fire after that. So I’d expect her to take the damage once, but if she’s able to fire after, then she still has more advantage than other heroes afflicted with Hansel’s status ailment, who take the damage, and then also lose Mana/can’t fire.


I was wondering why this thread popped up in my recommendations.

I thought it would just machine gun fire her into death which would be a really bad, but hilarious bug.

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You can’t machine gun Seshat. Most you can do is make one of her minions feel a bit ill.



just tried it and Seshat doesn’t fire… that’s the problem. she behaves like she had lost mana despite staying at 100%

I think the logic is not prepared to handle such a case and fails therefore with Hansel, Gretel, Pixie when targeting Seshat.

here a link to the video, not sure how to embed it from the phone

it is an easy win against her, as Hansel is already charged again when the 3 turns are over…


Huh, how intriguing…

This is definitely a nice exploit to use when fighting Seshat.


Nevertheless I would consider it as a bug, because she should be firing when her Mana is at 100%

will be interesting to see, what SGG makes of it.

for the time being, it may be an appropriate strategy to handle her


I agree, it should at least be evaluated to see if it’s intended behavior or a bug.

I’m going to move these posts out to a separate thread for that, thanks!


Was just coming to ask if this was best!

I agree it would be interesting to hear but I have a feeling it is working as intended…

  • Seshat innately resists any mana cutting effects or specials.

  • Hansel, Gretel & Pixie all specifically state in their special “reduces mana by 50%”…

  • This falls into the bounds of Seshats resistance?

I’d also like to point out & query if it is be of similar effect & outcome with Seshat paired with a Guardian Gazelle (when she dies).


will make a vid if I find this combo

for me the only question is: why doesn’t Seshat fire at 100%


That’s a good question…

Maybe a un-written part of the witch-hunter special is there is a “silence” of sorts

I mean the witch hunger skill mechanic already has some kind of element which prevents the special from firing so that it can do the HP removal & mana cut… maybe it’s not a temporary thing but instead is actually written into the special mechanic…?


Wow, that’s really interesting. Hansel turns out to be deal 255% damage and then 3x ±170 “DoT” with “silence” against Seshat. Pretty good! Her innate ability is really working against her this time.

And why is not Seshat firing? Hero can do only one action per turn, it’s slash attack or special (or nothing). And she has to do “slash” to herself, so she cannot fire special as she used her attack already.

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Hopefully this is the intended behavior, since it won’t be easy to time it right. Sesh has to be ready to fire when one of those 3 (Hans, Gretel, Merlin) hit her on the same turn.

Sesh doesn’t fire, since she’ll be treated by the ai like if she charges up right now getting ready for the next turn.

Cool, but not easy to achieve.

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