[SOLVED -V28 Update] Guardian Chameleon Not Changing the Element


I read that in the most recent update some bug about chameleon was fixed but I think now he’s broken. Not sure if you can see my evidence in the screenshots but I have the video and can send it if needed (just let me know what how to send it)

In the opponents side there were Finley, Zimkitha and Kingston… I fired my chameleon and nothing happened… he did remove all buffs and status ailments from all enemies but none of those would’ve prevented him from changing their elements. As matter of fact the words “element change” did appear on all heroes but none of them changed their element. Then enemie’s zimkitha fires and the visual effect & words of her cleansing her allies shows as if they had their elements changed to begin with but they were always in their original element.

Please fix this asap. Chameleon is one of my favorite and most used heores… not to mention I spent A LOT to get him… this is not cool.

Screenshot_20200305-182854_Video Player

Do you have a SS from pre-zimkitha firing rather than “as she fires”?


Yes let me add that one


Thanks for reporting this! We indeed detected an issue where Guardian Chameleon’s Special does not show the element change correctly. Please note that this is only a visual issue, so the element change is not shown in the UI. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming version 28.


Thanks. I’ll update my friends

Closing this thread as it is addressed in the V28 update:

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