[SOLVED - V28 Update] Color Changed enemies from Guardian Chameleon's skill can still bypass reflect buffs

Have guardian chameleons special active and also have ursenas yellow reflect active.
A previously purple, now yellow enemy hero will use its special on you.
Only some of your heroes reflect damage without taking damage. No status effects are reflected.
In the attached picture it’s hard to tell because the word “reflect” blocks it, but you can see Zelines grey mana bar, all three hit by Hel didn’t reflect her mana stop.
This issue possibly exists for mitsuko as well, have not tried.


It’s hard to tell, but in this picture it appears that Hel is not currently affected by G. Chameleon’s effect. Boril is now red, mitsuko is green, but hel is still purple. If for some reason she didn’t change, then her special would not be reflected by Ursena’s holy reflect.

Here’s the moment right before Hel fires. I’ve tried this multiple times since making this post and the same sequence happens every time. The leftmost hero will reflect damage, if that damage was enough to kill the attacker then no one else will reflect damage. If it wasn’t enough then from left to right the heroes keep reflecting damage, but no one reflects status effects. It’s like Hel turned back into a purple hero 2/3 through the attack when she died so my panther didn’t get the reflect.

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Heroes do lose any buffs/debuffs when they die, so it’s possible that Chameleon’s color change stops applying to an already-in-progress special if the user dies to riposte or reflect damage. That would make the rest of the special purple in this case, which wouldn’t be reflected.

Definitely seems like a bug to me.

Thank you for the report! We managed to reproduce this here and will be looking into fixing the issue. I’ll mark this as a known issue.


You may have already tried out mitsuko as well but as expected you get the same results. Note, the color change effect wore off this turn so viv is now yellow, this was a kadilen attacking.

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To expand on this issue a little further, the situation prior to this photo was a standalone horghall with no status effects. He fails to change change from green to blue despite showing the color change icon but still undergoes the bugged blue reflect. May be a little harder to recreate this one… especially given horghall did successfully change colours earlier in the raid.

On this, there is a diferent thing going on.

Essentially what happens is that DoA trigger left to right… What this means is that the computer does damage & reflect on the first target, then the second, then the third etc…

So what’s happened here is that Horghall’s DoA doesn’t strike everyone simultaneously… Instead it hits Chameleon first (as the left most target). This then reflects back at Horghall & kills him… THEN the second damage is dealt to LotL, and since there is now no Horghall to “reflect” the damage to, the damage has to go somewhere… so it sticks on LotL… Same is the case for Mitsuko, Grazul & Zeline.

Similarly, because Horghall’s special is worded damage THEN attack debuff, what happens is it deals all the damage THEN applies the attack buff… So similar to the DoA for Targets 2->5, as there is no Horghall to reflect the status effect back at, it sticks with your team…

Hope this makes sense?

TLDR is that if there is no target to reflect the status effect & damage back at, it sticks with the target… not sure if that is a SEPARATE bug or working as intended…
@Petri & @KiraSG?


I don’t think that it’s because the attacker died partway through a multi hit attack or else colour reflect on a truly blue attacker would experience the same phenomenon. I believe after chameleon reflected horghall, the now green but dead horghall isn’t blue anymore so the rest don’t reflect. The sequence in which these events happen should be revised.

But horghall not appearing as blue prior to his attack is a legit glitch, lol.

Closing this thread as BOTH issues identified here are resolved in the V28 update:

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