[SOLVED - V28 Update] Color Changed enemies from Guardian Chameleon’s skill don't take full damage

When a color changed enemy is hit with tiles, and the enemy is killed, all tiles do not do full damage. Normally this is not an issue since the enemy is dead, but if the enemies share damage, it would reduce the damage taken by other enemies.

In this case the color of Anzogh has been changed to green and he is hit by two green tiles. One tile does full damage and the other does half (weak) damage.

Same as this?

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Good eye, yes that does look like it’s caused from the same issue of the enemies colour changing back to original as they die.

The plethora of bugs and genuine glitches on the character is driving me away from him. I’ve had characters just not change their colour appearance despite it functionally changed, I’ve seen enemies effected by his colour change fail to generate buffs from their own specials afterwards (was going to use Finley to multi hit but couldn’t), I haven’t run into a ratatoskr with him yet but I’m wagering on them not working as intended as well.

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Closing this thread as this is addressed & resolved in V28 update:

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