[SOLVED - V28 Update] Cleric Talent Bug - Health Potion on a Full Mana Cleric triggered "Mana Shield" text

@Petri healing via potions a 100% mana and emblemed Cleric make him proc his talent.
This happened on my titan attack and also happens on map stages.


Seen this with antidotes as well. And I think other battle items, but not 1000% positive. The item takes effect, so just a weird visual bug for now it seems.

Hadn’t noticed the full mana part, but makes sense.

Happened the other day, was using bombs on enemy team and the manashield text kept proccing. Didn’t do anything but did come up more than a few times

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Thanks for the report! This visual issue should be fixed in the upcoming version 28 update.


Closing this thread as the bug has been resolved in the V28 update:


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