[SOLVED - V28] Ratatoskr's Special Not Working – not all nature/green tiles/shields on the board becoming enhanced

I think there is a bug with Ratatoskr and his special. It just started and I have two examples to show you.

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two questions:

  1. is it only on S3 stages that you’re seeing this? (Easy or Hard?)

  2. Are the tiles ACTUALLY not buffed or is it just a visual thing?

Seems to be a bug.
Here is the link to submit a bug report:

The damage is inconsistent when the shields are fired, so I don’t think it’s visual.

I haven’t tried it on any other stages outside of season 3.


Looks like a bug to me.

Two things I’m curious for you to try, if you get a chance:

  1. somewhere other than Season 3 Stages

  2. with color blind mode turned off

Just wondering if either might be related (unlikely, just good to rule out).

I’m giving the Small Giant Staff a heads up in the meantime.


Hmm, I’m trying to replicate the issue myself. I played on 8-7 slowly, using mana to charge Ratatoskr multiple times. His special worked fine every time. Same thing on Season 3 1-1.

Happy to keep trying if you have any suggestions for what I should do?

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Maybe it didn’t work because I was on my phone talking to a friend while playing, because I couldn’t get it to work either.


Playing the same stage with the same heroes? You still couldn’t replicate it? Weird…


I dont have him to try to replicate the issue, but whats in common that both had green diamond prior to firing his skill

Could you please try to get a diamond and then fire him?

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I thought I had, but I’m not 100%. I’ll try now.

Edit: Got a green diamond pretty quickly. Ratatoskr worked fine with a green diamond on the board.


thank you for reporting and to our Mods for bringing it to our attention. We are now investigating this issue here. I will update players once we have more information.

[EDIT] I have confirmed that the Special Skill is working as intended and this is a visual issue (all tiles are enhanced) and the visual bug will be fixed in the next release.


So the two different videos aren’t from the same match, but the the only time it didn’t work was whenever I was on the phone. It actually happened about six times total, but I was only able to record these two instances. I was on the phone for over an hour and a half and the little speaker icon is on the screen when Ratatoskr’s special goes off.

I’m going to try it again with someone else and see if being on the phone makes a difference while playing the game.

I’ve been testing Ratatoskr’s special while not on the phone, but only on S3 maps and this happened after I activated his special.

So the phone hypothesis is out, but that diamond was present at the activation of his special, so diamonds may be the cause and if you notice, the diamond is always in the same column whenever Ratatoskr’s special goes off.

Here’s another example. Not sure what to make of it.

Closing this thread as it is being fixed/ addressed in V28 update.


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