[SOLVED - V28.1] Two boards showing at the same time (Titan Hit) STAFF RESPONSE POST #8


Yesterday this happened to me. Basically I had one board showing on top of the other. I’ve made a video to show this:

Video Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pASqZ9Q9xFjvBkGJ9

Video doesn’t work. :thinking:


It used to work inline videos from google photos :frowning: I’ve added the direct link to the original message.

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Wow, that’s a weird one.

Can you submit a support ticket through the game so the staff can investigate?


Had a glitch on the first stage of XP quest. Tiles were stacked on other tiles. Probably just a one time thing.

I took a video of it but I am unable to post it for some reason.

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I couldn’t get the video to work but I’m this screen shot you can see the other set of tiles beneath

Just for future reference here’s the response from staff:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for contacting us and my apologies for the problem.

This is a known visual issue, which does not affect gameplay.

We are currently investigating this issue here and we will try to get it resolved as soon as we can.

However, if you notice it happening again, we would need the following information to see if we are able to reproduce the problem here:

1. Opened the view 'xxxxx' (Describe first what you were doing immediately before you experienced the problem)
2. I pressed the button 'xxxxx' (Describe second what you did when the problem occurred)
3. A Pop-up window shows error 'xxxxx' (Describe lastly what resulted)Also if possible, please add screenshots and the exact date and time (with timezone) when the problem occurred.

These details will help us locate the issue in question.

If you face any other problems, please don't hesitate to contact us again. We are always happy to assist you. Best of luck in the battles!

Kind regards,

Small Giant Games

Thanks, that’s really helpful

Thank you for posting, I was just made aware that we are working on this and should have a fix for V28.1



I am the only one that has laggy boards with 2 overlapping boards?
So there are boards on top of each other…

Got it on video will try to make a clear screenshot and add it.

@Guvnor, thnx missed this one.


Yeah, I have this visual bug too now. Good to know it does not affect gameplay. Never seen it before though.

I too have it … thought this issue was fixed in previous release. Though it didn’t affect the gameplay it feels irritating to the eyes when we clear the tiles.

I’ve just got same situation in the wonderland event - double board happened to me as well.

Unfortunately, I did not notice it right away, but am pretty sure this is the first board that this happened on for me. Here is a video (started right after I noticed it):

same issue, challenge event, rare, stage 1,

I have sent this image to support but still I wanted to share it.

Has anyone seen this before?

There was a second board behind the one I was using to play. The board on the back was totally unplayable, as if it was part of the background. Still it was very confusing to play the board on the front (the real one)

:mag: search function is your friend. Literally the top result if you’d searched “two boards”

I’m sorry, before posting I searched “2 boards” with the number 2, not the word two, and didn’t find any results.

I got the same issue. I did a replay level on the Wonderland event, rare level 5, and it appeared. No other instances yet.

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