[SOLVED] V22 Display Has Wood Bars/Panels On Top And Bottom, and they sometimes cut off the heads of enemies or other game elements due to aspect ratio (This is by design and a known issue, Dev response in post #18)

It genuinely annoys me to a point where I want to stop playing until you fix this.

I just updated to version 22 and now I see a large bezel at the top of the fight screen.

I don’t remember seeing this much space at the top, is this normal or a new issue? I’m playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

I have this too. Samsung S8. I gues something to do with screen resolutions. Or it will be used later. Curious to know answer though

In the latest update a bar was added on the top of the screen. Apart from being annoying (I would really like to go back to the previous full screen look) it also obstructs names of spells used by opponents.


If on Android, you can set the game to full screen and that will solve it (normally).

SG have confirmed this bar has been added by design so even running on full screen will no longer help.

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Exactly, that’s the problem. It’s ugly and annoying, they should at least let us choose if we want this bar in options.

totally agree, unnecessary waste of screen surface

is it adjustment to less popular screen ratios?

Petri confirmed it is so all devices have the same 9:16 aspect ratio


It definitely takes more space, since it blocks spell names.

@JonTK Could you link staff’s answers? I couldn’t find anything about this bar.


In the latest update a bar have been added on the top of the screen while in battle. Not only is it annoying, it also obstructs vision and covers names of spells used by the opponent. Please bring back the previous look to the battle, it used to look so great on a tall screen! Or at least let us choose in options.

Hello forum. Haven’t found this yet. Some asked for the wooden top after graphics changed. No issue for me since I recognized that in some formations the head of the centre is cut off

This picture is only an example. Could be any other tank in same formation

@zephyr1 not happy that u merged. It was not complaining about the bars it was a bug that the format does not work properly with them. I am fine with the bars when they show full screen. And this one is marked solved…

@Sorsha This thread has identified that it’s a known issue that the devs are working on fixing.

If you look at the other posts above, you can see other screenshots like yours, where enemies are cut off.

It’s marked solved because @Petri stated they’re working on possible solutions for the next update:

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Hello, since the update for Version 22 you added a wooden bezel that it’s annoying and interferes in the game area. Please remove and let us enjoy the graphics and game as is or even better provide an option to have it or remove it.

I never really noticed how much these wooden bars actually interfere with gameplay until today. In this enemy formation it’s difficult to select the upper enemies in the back because the HUD is covering them. It’s a shame I have this large screen and something like 10% is unused. :frowning:

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Using iPhone 7
At L17 the head of the King is cut of a bit…

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Besides the wood flooring are the devs thinking about moving the combo wording? I swear they changed the placement a couple updates ago and it’s driving me crazy as I can’t see the health of the opponents tank during cascades. I know it doesn’t make a difference and it’s just my OCD but I think the word placement needs to be moved slightly.

Fixed in latest build :yum: