[SOLVED] V22 Display Has Wood Bars/Panels On Top And Bottom, and they sometimes cut off the heads of enemies or other game elements due to aspect ratio (This is by design and a known issue, Dev response in post #18)

Today, after upgrading to version 22, I have the same on 3 different phones …

Yeah the bar is also there on Samsung s10 (android) since the update.
Not really an improvement
Edit: Added pic

I have an S9 which had a fullscreen resolution. Since updating with V22 I also have that horrible border across the top.

It is horrible on the titan screen as it cuts the top off.

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This can’t be intentional. Screen sizes have not changed since the update so if that was the problem the wood panel would have been there before. The upper wood panel is crunching the screen so that elements of the display block my opponent’s heroes’ faces. Poor Horghall doesn’t deserve this. I really hope this gets fixed fast.


After latest update i get this…horrible

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I just played a similar level on Atlantis and was getting frustrated because I was trying to select the enemy on the far left and kept hitting the special stage or element hint button instead.

I have raised it as a bug to SG, would be nice if they sorted this.

I’ve a S8 and it’s ok, here.

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Honor 20 and P20lite and Xiaomi Redmi7 this is to same problem

Make it so that you can turn it off, it is not very convenient !!!

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Just updated the game to latest version (22) and got same problem. Huawei Nova 3

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This is the difference that I’ve found. Left image from today and the right from December 2018.

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Same glitch. Redmi Note 7. Was fine before update.

Same here on a OnePlus 6t, was fine before update to v22

Same Problem on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 19,5:9 ratio.
Bevor the Update all was great, no its a bit ugly.

Same in App Twin Mode you got no Mana bar too, bevor the Update this was fine too.

someone from the support will answer?

Thank you for the reports and feedback. This is actually by design, we have decided to revert to the wooden panels in the version 22. While this might not be ideal, we wanted to bring back all devices to the same aspect ratio 9:16 for now. We’ll be looking into possible solutions in the next update.


Thanks for info but IMO it looks terrible :confused:


It looks horrible to change