[SOLVED] V18.0.1 iOS graphics (iPad Pro 2018)

The real estate usage on an iPad Pro changed radically for the worse on today’s update. The vertical extent is being used badly, with top elements placed too low and bottom elements either too low or too high. The gap between the tile field and foes overlaps. This was all fine this morning.


I am having the same problem

I’m also having the sme issues on my iPad pro

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Screen resolution issue, this looks like a technical problem!

Another example with vertical clipping:

Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this issue here!


The latest update is having substantial graphics issues on my iPad Pro. The following are a few pictures which highlight the problem


This issue is only with my iPad Pro. I am not having these issues in my iPhone 6.

@Kerridoc is this the same issue you noted on this other known issue thread?


The graphics issue is affecting game play. When the images overlap the tiles, I cannot select the tiles in the top row. I can’t move the tiles, or select the ‘special’ tiles (bombs and diamonds) that are on the top row. Hoping to see a fix soon.


Will there be a fix for this issue soon? It is also affecting gameplay to an extent.


This issue should be fixed now in the new update version 18.0.2. Please update your game!

Fixed in latest update!

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My iPad display has been weird since the new release. The display seems stretched and clips off the top of the enemies heads as well as clipping off the bottom of the screen. This only seems to affect the Battle screens. The Base displays just fine, and so do the mission maps. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9"

This sounds like the same issue others reported that’s supposed to be fixed in a new release that just came out.

I’d see if you have an app update available, and if the images in this thread are like what you’re seeing:

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Have you upgraded to v18.0.2 build 495? This issue cleared up for me once I upgraded earlier today.

Thanks. My app are supposed to auto update, but for some reason they hadn’t. The update fixed the problem.

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Excellent, glad to hear it!

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I just did, and it worked. Thanks!

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Issue not resolved. Still have problem on bottom of Raid screen. Can see my hero’s power levels

I agree it’s right down to the bottom, but there’s no information really hidden. In the picture below, I can clearly see all the charge bars. Maybe shifting it up a millimeter to avoid overlap with the white “pull bar” at the bottom would make it clearer.

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