[SOLVED - V 35.1] War bonus bug - attack buff disappears

War attack buff disappears right after it’s applied.
It’s not just a visual bug, we checked the stats.

And it’s a global bug, affecting everyone.


Someone in my alliance mentioned it and rewatching my hits, it’s indeed bugged.

Doubtful anything can be changed now, but it’s been noted passed on to the powers that be.
Thanks for the heads up @LatiyFundiy :+1:

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Should send in a request for this.

They won’t do anything for bugs. I reported the sea dragon issue and there was never a response.

Unless you have an actual exploit, it’s worthless.

Being the sea dragons is a bit off topic from this thread. What is the actual bug that is affected the sea dragons…

Edit Ah sorry I get you now. Was when then wasn’t appearing as much…

Think @Wholf may of sound the alarm first on the problem. So maybe he got the bounty.?

Pretty sure I was the first too but nope didn’t get anything.

Did you submit a ticket?

I noticed this as well.

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All I did was post on the forums. Wasn’t aware there was another step I should have taken.

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Ah ok well could send one with link above saying you found it. As I believe you did raise the alarm on it first. Sure its a old bug, Don’t ask don’t get could get somthing out of it

Sent it off. Doubt it will result in anything but who knows lol.

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I actually saw this happen in war yesterday. But didn’t really investigate, thought it would be just a visual glitch. Interesting in which way that may have affected war outcomes…

Thank you for the reports, we are investigating this here!


In the current (2021-02-24) and the last wars, the buff icons by the attack boost seem to disappear as soon as they are given.
When you tap heroes, the status looks as if there were no attack boost buffs activated either; no green number above attack states, no description about attack boost buff in the bottom of the status box.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

Yeah it is happening in out war too BritishJohn.

Here are the screenshots of January 21st attack boost war.

After attack boost triggered, it didn’t disapperead. You can see the blue knife.

Here are the screenshots of today (February 25th) attack boost war.

The knife appeared first, and then it disappeared quickly.

You can see this issue from my war videos, too.

[7thElement] 2021.01.21 War (Attack Boost) vs Ro.VAMPIRES (Empires & Puzzles)

[7thElement] 2021.02.25 War (Attack Boost) vs Srbija Zemlja Sumraka (Empires & Puzzles)

I am not quite sure that this is a bug or not, but the knife disappeared continuosly, so you need to check this issue.

Anyone noticed this? Anyone has the answer?

Thanks in advance.

Same bug reported in this existing thread:


Thanks for your information.

Thank you Drearius for your reply.
Let’s see if the issue will be solved in the next war, or next attack boost war :smile:

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