[SOLVED - V 35.1] Villains event battle item usage buggy?

since the beginning of the challenge event i experence problems targetting battle items.

I try to carpet bomb with items but the clicks on the enemies seem not to be recognized properly after the first hit. Due to this i can’t do any rapid fire clearing stages.

i experience the problem only on this challenge event. Normal season maps stages bombing fast work fine and normal.

dont think it is a technical issue, replaced the tablet with another one and issue still persisted.

using a Fire HD 10.


I have experienced the same on this event. I had to “tap” on the targets several times for a single battle item (axe, arrow, etc…) usage.

I have this very same problem on android. (Samsung Galaxy Note 9)

Me too. I had to double tap for effect but it doesn’t always work. I lost a lot of time this way.

I thought that it was my devices. Nope. My other games work great. But then they are not zynga games. I am on iOS. Everything updated. All other apps closed.

I thought that I was alone. Nice to have company though I wish that we didn’t have to face this roadblock.

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