[SOLVED] V.26 World Energy Recovered and other excessive Notifications

After updating to version 26, there seems to be excessive notification about world energy.

My world energy capacity is 44. But the notification is already appear at 30/44.

It then appear again at 37/44. Shouldn’t it be at 44/44?

Edit: It just appear again at 2/44:


Why is there no notification for mystic vision?


There is also 3 notifications for training finished in TC for just 1 hero. And it happen when I am still inside the game:

Why don’t you just turn notifications off?


I need the notification to notify me. But just like in the old version, not excessive like this one.

World energy recovered notification should have been sent at full energy.

Training finished notification should not be sent when I am inside the game.

This doesn’t happen before update.

The purpose of notification is to notify me about my base, but this bug make it misleading.


It seems they are experimenting with the notifications. I can’t say that I have received more, but I noticed that the notifications now come with emoji’s. That wasn’t the case before. Perhaps they are still tweaking.


I just got 14 notifications for my free daily summon, and another 14 that my training was finished. this was in addition to multiple alerts that world energy was recovered even though it was only at 10 of 42.


thanks for reporting! We are currently looking into this here.


I don’t have anything of value to add to the topic at hand (don’t have said notifications that often), but I have to say my imagination run wild after reading your Game Tools notification. Tap here to show Game Tools as a floating butt :wink:


This is weird, has there always been a WE full notification or is this new? I have never gotten one of these notifications, in either the new version or old version.

The only thing weird happening to me now is that I will get the “Titan has appeared” notification banner even while I’m logged into the game and playing, which never happened before. I only get notifications if the app is not open and being used, which has always been the case, except for the Titan one.

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I don’t remember getting that before but I have seen notifications for raid when it hit 6/6 before the current version (although it sometimes unreliable as it is not always appear).

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the new update gives a fake notifications that the world energy is recovered and it is not even if i got 1 energy flag

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Hello. Every push notification is multiplied many times after the last update

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Did you try to disable it. Force stop the app, then activate it again?

It’s happening to me too. Turned off push notifications in game and still was getting them. I have blocked game notifications in my phone settings hoping to make it stop.

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Merged. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Getting spammed to “come back Commander”.

Look. If you want me to play more often, be less stingy with energy.

I’d say I expect more from SGG, but I really don’t.

Turned off push notifications, still getting spammed

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New notifications are really annoying

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I know right… Come back your people need you… It’s been 20 minutes they can manage.

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This issue should be fixed in the update we are currently rolling out (v26.0.2) as well. I’ll mark the topic as solved.


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