[SOLVED] Update your game - no update - can't log in (due to the rollout)

I can’t access to my account. Getting the message below but everything is updated :arrow_down:

Play store options: uninstall or open the game. If i tap open it goes back to that screen.
Any suggestions?

Hi there, same problem here…

I have the same problem.
I think it’s good that I’m not the only one
There is no update in the playstore

How, when i have problem with this

Are you playing the game on multiple devices?

Hi Petri, I play only on android…

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the same for me, i only play on android

Hopefully the update is rolled out soon. This sucks.

I do use two devices, but both iOS (iPhone and iPad), and I cannot connect to the game any more after updating on both devices. Please advise.

My alliance teammate have this problem, she use multiple devices but the one she is asked to update is Android.

Was happening to me, seems to be ok now.

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I’m having the same problem

Only android. Seems to be fixed but i got also kicked out in mid of titan hit!! And now after update came through can’t log cause connection troubles.
@Petri with all respect… connection problems are becoming way too often

This is for cannot login due to force update, not the other one which is caused by server down. Please post in the other thread for the latter.

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: [KNOWN ISSUE] Server Issue (12 Oct)

Olá mesmo problema aqui, o game pede pra atualizar e não tem nem uma atualização.

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Same problem here. I only have one account on android only.


Could a moderator please comment on whether it is your turn to solve a problem and how long it will approximately take before we can play again?

The problem has existed for 6 hours now :frowning:

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