[SOLVED] Update issue

Hi all. I was upgrading my stronghold to level 15 but when I update the game upgrading stop so stronghold is level 14 and I lost time and iron. Any idea to solve it? Thanks un advance and sorry forma muy bad english

I had this problem too… about two days left on my 17->18 upgrade…

I had exactly the same problem. Was upgrading the stronghold to level 18. Had 1 day and just over 4 hours left. Lost the progress and all the ore.

Hi, apologies for this issue. We are currently investigating. Here you can find further information: Known Issues Related to 1.4 Update

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We have now fixed this issue. Please relogin and your upgrading progress should continue as before. :slight_smile:


Working great now. Thanks !!!

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Really appreciate when you are so responsive and quick.


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Yes it’s fixed… Thanks!

Thanks so much for fixing the issue. That’s a great relief!

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