[SOLVED] Up leveling of heros got annoying after update!

When is it available for droid never waited this long for it to come through

Likewise still waiting for the Android update. I’m beginning to wonder if something went wrong in the new version upload process and it never got released.

1.13.4 is the latest version for both platforms. Have you made sure you have installed it?

When it was first announced that Android would be getting a fix last week and I-OS getting it sometimes early this week, I think I only saw one user reported that they have gotten an update and the rest of us were waiting for it to become available in our region for the Android App Store. Some even wondered why it was taking this long even for staggered releases on the Android.

I just refreshed my App Store and saw the update available and performed the update. Looks to be working now. I am in Central Standard Time (US). GMT -6

I finally got the update overnight as well. I still suspect something went wrong somewhere in the rollout in the play store judging by the time between the announcement of the release here and actually getting ut.

Thanks Petri got it now but that was 1.13.3 what is 1.13.4 about?

game has to be closed and restarted - otherwise it doesn’t work

Witam, mam problem z bohaterem Thorne, podczas szkolenia postaci nie można wbić atak na pierwszym poziomie, łącznie użyłem do podniesienia levelu 80 bohaterów niebieskich 1 i 2* czyli 8x10 i nie podniósł się atak, dopiero przy podnoszeniu poziomu na 2 belkę atak wzrósł na 2/8, znów użyłem 40 bohaterów czyli 4x10 i nadal atak jest 2/8. Przy innych postaciach nie miałem takiego problemu, czy jest to błąd postaci? proszę o pomoc.

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