[SOLVED] Up leveling of heros got annoying after update!

New 1 and 2* heros appear at the end of the list when added as always - but now every time I want to level up a hero, I have to manually scroll down the whole list to finally get to the new added heros I want to use - this is extremely annoying! Especially, when you have already six teams you want to keep and some more heros in progress!! steals time for no reason!! please fix it immediately!!


Agreed! It’s super annoying

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Yes, I do not like this at all and should be fixed.

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They fix it with upcoming update

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Agreed. Please stop messing with minor things like this in the future. The next row my heroes doesn’t show until after scrolling down to it now as well. This is annoying too!

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I completely agree

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YEEEEESSSSS, fix please!!!

It’s fixed for around 36h yet, just go and update your app.

I don’t have an update, are you on ios or android?

version 1.13.3 build 753

but I’ve heard that this issue happened only on androids, that ios wasn’t affected…

It is an issue on ios, so I do hope the developers didn’t hear the same thing and leave us with this little (annoying) bug :wink: .

Oh, that’s new info for me, I hope they know it exists there as well.

That bug is SUPER annoying. I have around 90 heroes, so scrolling each time until the end was such waste of time :confused:

Petri said it would be fixed in the next update. Maybe iOS update isn’t ready yet? :wink:

Well, it doesn’t seem as if the android update with the fix is ready yet either, so nobody is more disadvantaged than anyone else.

version 1.13.3 build 753

if you have this, there this issue is fixed
check playstore if you can see the update

It is not available at i tunes store for me yet

iOS latest seems to still be 1.3.2. But with 1.3.3 our on Android, I hope it won’t be long. That is really tedious!

At least I didn’t have a 5* to power level up to 4/80 while I had this bug, unlike Zero had in his video power leveling Gregorion!

Yes, Android update (1.13.3) was released already, we are hoping to release the iOS update on Monday.

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Still desperately waiting for the update. Android. Germany. On both of my devices no update available.
Strange that RedPython had it already 2-3 days ago…

Updates are staggered by both the companies to prevent server overload. It’s frustrating to still be waiting for an update with a serious quality of life fix like this one though.

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