[SOLVED] Unable to Use Golden Emblems to Learn a Talent, Citing a Lack of Resources

Yes I did yesterday but still no response. How long does it normally take?

For a response via support? Probably a few days. If you are lucky they answer within a few hours, but especially now with the weekend it could be till next week. I have already experienced both time frames with the support.

For an answer here in the chat? From hours to weeks and sometimes there isn’t a final answer in the specific bug thread at all and it just gets implemented in the next update and mentioned in the release notes.

For a fix? Most problems get fixed with the next version after they receive the problem. Some easy fixes which don’t need a update can happen even faster. And than there are those problems who need endless. I’m not sure if this is record, but Alfrike hitting dodgers needed over a year to get finally fixed and was postponed from update to update :crazy_face:


Thanks Ferg for the info. Hope this one doesn’t take a year - really want to fully level Mr Pengi!


I didn’t think that far TBH :slight_smile:
Curiousity rules…

For me i couldnt add a 2nd gold emblem to any hero after 1st.
And now cant add norm emblems to the ones i did.

Should i just reset all the emblems and try again again ?

It is a bit different than OP (Golden emblems can not be used instead of normal), but it is similar.
If you can wait few weeks, then I wouldn’t reset as I suppose Small Giants might work on some fix on this in V45.

Do you have enough ham and iron?

Although you don’t need it, I have seen posts here that golden emblems doesn’t work if you don’t have the amount you would normally need for this emblem node.

We will have a fix for this issue coming soon in the next update (Version 45). Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue!


Dear devs,
Hi, hope you’re well after the holidays!

There’s a possible bug with golden emblems.
Please check the video below - player failed to get 20th emblem level with a golden emblem.
Player has 1 golden emblem, 1097K meat & 90K iron.

Video: golden emblem fail - YouTube

Possible cause - no meat/iron is taken when you up a hero, but there could be a hidden check if player has some amount of meat/iron.

@Gabteeni , @Petri

Kindly ask to investigate.
Thank you!

P.S. All the new items are GREAT, thank you! :+1:


And as I see he didn’t had enough emblems as well.
Maybe @Dudeious.Maximus / @Guvnor can send this to mod chat.


Have flagged for Dev/ QA attention.


Nope, I believe it’s not it.
Here’s an example were insufficient amount of emblems wasn’t an issue.

It seems to just be a case of the Golden Emblem not ignoring all the background “checks” before applying.

Seems the devs coded in to ignore the emblem quantity check but not the food/iron ones.


As I am not understanding Russian I have just noted what I saw (25 emblems Vs 250 or 247 Vs 250 on the second video).
But yes it can be just some food/iron check.

Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here.


This issue will be fixed in the next update (version 45). I’ve now marked this topic as a known issue.

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Thanks Petri for the response and fix.
I guess my Hanitra will have to wait :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problem! Glad to see it’s being addressed!

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This issue has been fixed in the latest update (Version 45). I’ll mark the topic as solved.

Per release notes:

  • Fixed a bug with Golden Emblems in which the game would prevent players from using one to learn a Talent, citing a lack of resources