[SOLVED] Unable to move tiles or use special skills Valhalla province 7/4

Hi, this is what happened today when i played Valhalla province 7 stage 4 2nd wave: After the last monster died it realm bonus didnt drop my heroes mana and on the next wave i could not move any tiles or cast specials. The only move i had was to Flee… Please fix it . 6 energy gone because of this. I made a video but doesnt let me to post it here. Please advice where to send the video?

This is an related bug, I’m new and have not figured out how to start a new thread.
The Bug, I just tried to purchase the first Valhalla offers (4 in stock of 400 gems plus 25 Valhalla coins). After the first purchase, I have 3 left in stock but can not purchase anymore. I receive error message “The in-app Purchase has already been bought. It will be restored for free.”
Error occured multiple times for 9-10 am EDT.

Hi @BootyBunny, you need to use the forum more - reading and replying before you can start a thread.

Please submit a support ticket in game if you need help with purchases :slightly_smiling_face:

Upload to youtube, or just post a screenshot of the final board.

This happened to me as well on S3, 7-3. The second wave was just frozen and I had leave the battle to do anything.

Hello, in the location of Valhala, where the special effect of vanfheim when killing a mob with arrows in the next wave in that place, the mob dies immediately. the link on the video fits


@Petri @zephyr1

Did you submit a ticket about it?

Hi, this is a known issue that will be fixed in the new update we’re going to rollout this week (version 29).


Marking this as solved, as we have now started to rollout the new update (v29) which includes a fix for this issue.

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@Petri, maybe I am not understanding well enough what I read or this one is missed in the release notes.

This bit:


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Now I am even more puzzled :rofl:.
I just read this totaaly different. Maybe also caused because I was not aware that the bug triggered by killing enemies with battle items instead of all the other options.

My bad, nothing to see here, move along people!

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