[SOLVED] Unable to connect to the game

I am able to get in now. @Petri it seems that the issue impacted everyone in our alliance. We lost the war and Titan battles plus we had people lose time with seasonal events and special summons. Will SG provide some Titan and world energy flasks as compensation? :grinning:

Thanks! Working for us now.

It’s working for me now! Thanks to the wonderful team at S.G @Petri

Mine is working as well. Thanks for getting this resolved! :slightly_smiling_face:

My alliance is having ‘brownouts’: we get kicked to global in chat and all of our chat disappears. Don’t know if it’s connected to this issue but I can’t find anything similar mentioned elsewhere.

the game is coming back

One hour the game worked. again does not work.

Our alliance is active again. Do you hace gift for ours? Because

I made a thread a few days ago because I’ve had issues since the 20th and haven’t been able to log in at all since the 22nd. It just goes to the screen that says “connection…” and doesn’t go further.

I filled out a report ticket and was directed here to keep track of the status of the problem. I figured I’d post as well.

My thread, just because it describes my issues over the past few days so I won’t rewrite it all.

I am also not able connect to the server since 25th October 8 pm CET

We believe we have now solved this issue and all players should be able to connect to the game. If you are still experiencing this issue, please submit a new support request!


Yes I am already in game. Thanks!

Unable to connect as of now, 6 am -3 gmt

I’m still unable to connect… not passing the “connecting…” screen. :frowning:
I rebooted my phone just in case that was needed and no luck.

Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
I’m afraid to do that… that I’ll lose all my progress.

Edit: Oct. 27… rebooted my router and now it’s working.

thanks for your answer

Right now I can use 2 home wifi. With one I am not able to connect. Both working right. Problem with firewall?

Hello we have a bug in the war, we have begin it and suddenly nothing!!!

We are whitout war, my alliance is LOS QUECHUAS 2018

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