[SOLVED] Unable to Connect (6 Apr 2020)

Hello all,

I have an issue with my game. I’ve played in this morning than I exit the game and when I tried to reopen it’s stuck at “Connecting…”.

There is a maintenance on the way?

Thanks and regards,


I am also having the same problem, also stuck st connecting.

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I had that issue earlier and can get back in now. It happened while I was doing my raid tournament and was just going to defeat their last hero… :disappointed: Got a loss for it.

Same issue, have been locked out for well over an hour now!

Same problem… Connecting… And nothing.

Same here #keepstopicattop

I still have the issue, it’s strange that I am receiving notification when someone is attacking me… Any @admin?

@Petri @zephyr1 Is this a known issue now or it’s just a small group that’s locked out?

We had a brief gameplay interruption earlier today due to a server error, but it should be resolved. Are you still unable to connect?


Unfortunately yes, it still hangs on ‘connecting’

I have the same problem! Still hanging on: Connecting

Still stuck at connecting, what should we do.

I assume Petri and team are looking into it, seem to be a few issues going around at the moment

Yes, this is an issue for sure. It took me 15 mins to connect earlier with a perfectly good internet signal!

You’re luckier than me, just realised I got my timings wrong and have actually been locked out for over 2 hours already :persevere:

Still stuck on „Connecting…“

Still have the issue…


Same problem there. Stuck in connecting page.

Stuck at connecting as well. #stuckathomeduringcovidandwanttoplayempiresandpuzzlesat7am


Same here but only on the iPhone. iPad Is working with the same account.

Did a restart of the phone same „Stuck in connecting“

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