[SOLVED] Two accounts - but one needs to be deleted - have opened a ticket but posting here also


Hi all,

I am in a situation similar to one a few other players had (I just spent 30 min reading through “Account Issue” related threads on this board, and my problem is identical to a few I read). I have opened a request to support and sent them all the relevant info, but wanted to post a query here in the hopes that someone can assure me that this can be fixed? :thinking:

Below is what I sent to support:

Hi, I’m a very new player. I play on my iPad and I also have Game Center account active on my iPad. I tried to add the game to my iPhone so I could play on the phone when I don’t have my iPad with me. Unfortunately your game has now created a 2nd account for me (I was forced to progress through all of the training on the iPhone instead of it just letting me open the existing correct account).

I DO NOT want that second account (name on 2nd incorrect account that SHOULD BE DELETED is ). My main correct account (“redacted”) is where all of my real progress is and I can’t afford to lose that main account.

I have attached a screenshot of what I see sometimes when I launch the game on my iPad. I get a choice of accounts. The message on the screenshot implies that it will wipe out my real account if I (inadvertently) loaded “redacted”. The message says: “Current progress will be lost after loading the cloud progress!” I do not want that to happen!!!

I have deleted “redacted” account from my iPhone and logged out of Game Center on my iPhone - hoping to remove “redacted” entirely. But it remains. Can you please just delete “redacted” for me? Please please help.

My big fear is that the account I want to preserve is not the account that is being saved in Game Center. I strongly suspect this because I have deleted the app from the iPhone, and signed out of Game Center on the iPhone, yet the wrong account still “lives” on somewhere because I keep getting asked if I want to load it on my iPad when I play there. :frowning: And I also decided to try adding the game back to the iPhone, and it automatically takes me to the wrong account and gives NO options to load the right account (so I know the right account is only alive on my iPad.) So if my iPad were to crash I am afraid there would be no way to restore the real, correct account. :cry:

Is it possible to have someone from the game assist on deleting the incorrect account entirely? It seems this is an issue a lot of players have had from reading other topics posted – is there anyway I can do this myself, or do I have to wait for the game devs?


I noticed that Petri and RubiKinga have been referenced on prior issues as being a part of the SGG dev team. Can either of you provide any further advice for me?

Since GameCenter on iOS is now just a setting in iOS and not an app on the system (like it used to be) there is nothing I can do within GameCenter to get it to show me the 2 conflicting accounts, or allow me to remove the one that I need deleted.

@Petri or @RubiKinga


Hi … asking for any help getting this to the attention of the game developers.

@Rook any chance you can help?


This matter is handled directly via SG Support. (Please answer their email(s) to you, do not make a new ticket…that just makes the process take longer.) :slight_smile:


Hi @Rook

Thanks for replying. I plan to respond when they do but I haven’t heard from them in response to my ticket. I’ve checked the “junk” folder on my mac as well.


Hi @Rook

Can you help get one of the developer representatives on this forum to look at this issue? I’ve literally not heard a response from anyone on my ticket. I was hoping for at least an acknowledgement that someone is looking into the issue, but nada.

I’m steadily building up heroes and my buildings and everytime I log in and see that incorrect account as an option it chills me because I am one incorrect tap on my iPad away from losing my main account.

Should I not expect to hear something from the tech support team on this issue? It’s making me concerned about sinking any more $ into gems and such if there’s no tech support to help fix a problem.

Not trying to be a problem child, but I’m stuck in “wait and hope” mode and it doesn’t feel good.

Thanks much.


@Petri? I am not staff. Any additional instructions I should give here?


Thanks @Rook

I did finally get a reply on the ticket but they replied to a different issue altogether.

@Petri Please please reread what the issue I reported is …


Heard from SGG via email and they replaced the wrong account with the correct one last night.

Just wanted to reply one last time to thank @Rook @Petri and Jen (not sure if she posts or reads on here) for resolving the problem!


I will close this thread then. If you have a new issue, please open a new thread. Glad you got your account back!