[SOLVED] Translation Issue with the Description of Baldur's Special (German)

Hey guys, watch out. The german Version of baldur says, he pushes ALL ALLIES 1000 life.

Thats not the deal. He does only for himself!!

To avoid overspending, please have this fixed @Petri

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@moderators Tagging you all as well to please help get SG’s attention asap and get it fixed. This one is bad :see_no_evil:

Thank you for the report! We are currently investigating this issue here and hope to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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Another translation error that doesnt only affect baldur but all heroes of the same realm:

3764 burn damage would be a little much I suppose :wink:

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Both of these translation errors have been fixed now. Thank you for letting us know again and my apologies for the issue!


Just FYI, that doesn’t actually tag us, unfortunately.

Only other Staff and moderators can use that tag. :confused: