[SOLVED] Tower of Magic: Increased 10% HP from blessing not applied to some heroes

My Kelile have 935 max Hp and I have +10% Health Blessing. I put Lv.17 mana troop on her, so there is no +%health from troop. Her max Hp is still 935 in battle.


I can confirm this I see the same.

I watched a hero (Khagan) who had 1494 Health before and after I have selected this blessing.

Someone from SG should check this

Can you notify staff ?
@Dudeious.Maximus or @littleKAF or @guvnor


Thank you for tag them. I usually forget their name :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Overall, it look like only +%Health is bug. There is no bug for +%Attack and +%Defense.


Imagine having to pay for playing an event that has that kind of bug.

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Not only bug, it is very lag too. The game also crash once for me while I play a floor of the tower. And yes, I lose energy and have to play again :frowning_face:
(You can see that I have only 5 energy before I play floor 35)

Those last 5 events they released were all rushed. Beta testers problably doesn’t even care in testing anything anymore since they don’t listen to them anyway. This event should not even had been released without fixing the pay to play stupidness.

Unbalanced heroes, lack of effort in stages and bugs. Even S4 was abandoned since the biome effects are all from S2 now. Ugh, ugh…

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Everybody was against it in Beta both times we had this tower…
We have asked for more flags, or free flasks, but there was no change :frowning:

I can agree with this.

Several bugs have been found in the event, and as this Health blessing is not new (It exists in Ninja Tower too). I suppose not much spotlght on it (compared to the Rare blessings), and it is the least desirable blessing so maybe not many people have chosen it duirng the tower.


When I have to choose between +5%Defense, +5%Heal and +5%Health. +%Health is best choice. Since we already have +100%Defense from stack, +5%Defense will have no much effect but +%Health will have pretty big effect :slightly_smiling_face: However, for now I have to choose +5%Defense :joy:

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No many Beta testers have finish the Tower in Beta, and you have better choices ealier +Mana generation, +Attack, +Critical change…
So maybe some testers have not even reached a point, where this Heath is the best option from the offered 3.

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Yes, they are among the best but when you have them are high level, you will have to choose those less good blessing. In fact, the another reason that I like to choose +5%Health because I need survivability. +5%Attack on top of +100%Attack don’t have much effect. And I just want to complete not compete, so +5%Health is really good choice for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too :slight_smile:

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Put it mod chat, :+1::green_heart:20


Thx @Dudeious.Maximus

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:slightly_smiling_face: Moreover, from the damage calculation that I and Zack develop, defense is good against damage from “low attack” but health is good against damage from “high attack”. Since I need buff to reduce damage from boss which have almost 6000 base attack, that is why health is better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue! We’ll look into fixing this for the next Tower of Magic event. I’ll mark this as a known issue for now.


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