(SOLVED) Titan Time Fix Australia missing a lot of prime titan attack time

Due to pretty much opposite time zones to America it would be ideal for a Australian alliance to be able to set it for some time in the morning like 8am aest instead of some time in the middle of the night Which currently happens
Please small giant games your Australian market is growing and this would be great

Thx for considering this idea

Sincerely Hunter

Titans come every 23 hours so rotate naturally already all over the world.


The titan times rotate on a 23hr. Basis. At some point your group in Australia will see titans spawn at 16:00 while the United states sees them at a different hour. Please understand I don’t know the time difference, but in both cases times that are not ideal do occur. You will likely hear from other players similar responses from other locations too. My own alliance has players from, from the best of my knowledge, The United States all 3 timezones, United Kingdom, Australia and India. You are not alone in woes with titan spawn times.

Good luck to you and your alliance in the future.


Thx I did not know that thx

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