[SOLVED] Titan Stuck in Processing / Doesn't Appear

For an hour or more we killed titan and its still processing and say that another titan is active and it’s not… noone received the prizes … what’s happenning? Even doing the tasks sometimes doesn’t enter… I have prints that confirm what I’m saying…


We destroyed a titan after the update an now it’s says titan will appear soon but it has been 5 hours and it still has not appeared…I’m in new Zealand but our team is from allover the world an we all have the same problem please helpScreenshot_2018-06-21-23-07-15Screenshot_2018-06-21-23-06-15

Thank you for the reports. We are currently investigating the issue where Titan doesn’t appear or is stuck in processing, and hope to get this issue resolved as soon as possible! My apologies for the inconvenience.


Our titan has been processing the kill for almost 30 minutes now. No one in the alliance has received any goods. Never seen it take this long before, figured it was kind of glitch

Yeah ours too ataturkiyec*

Same problem. Finnforce killed 11* Titan about 15 minutes ago. The system still processes the loot = label at titan screen: processing.

@rook will have some work when he’s on. 5 topics in the last hour or so about the same thing.


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We killed a titan 1 hour ago and it don’t stop proccessing. Screenshot_20180621-075556

So anyone got the loot.

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Same issue here

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Does this happen often? My alliance is still waiting on our loot too, and I finished him off at least 40 minutes ago.


Yep we have the same issue. Is this happening to everyone or just a few alliances?

50 min

Same thing happening here, too. I’m guessing it’s happening to everyone.

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The titan is processing for 50min

We destroyed a titan,but it don’t stop proccessing IMG_2297IMG_2298

Please do not create new topics on this issue, we are currently investigating this!

Hi. We have been waiting for the titan to appear. It must have appeared 10 min ago. But no titan…Some collegues say they have been waiting for the titan loot for an hour now. And the chat keeps crushing often. Please fix these issues.