[SOLVED] Titan is gone (30 Apr)

Our Titan should appear 45 min ago, but is not showing in either map or Titan tab.
The bug is the same for all members of the alliance.

Can I add I’m not seeing the world map as well. The game freezes when I hit the alliance “tab”

Also, trying to open alliance tab or go to the map freezes the game (for me (and obviously Zippy, as seen in screen cap chat)).

Edit: Another way of knowing Zippy is having these problems, is by reading his reply just above my reply, where he clearly states he’s having these problems.

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Just in case: @Petri please take a look at this before everyone goes on holiday. :wink:

Sorry to hear about the problem! Please submit a new support request, so we can investigate this further.

Thanks. Done. :ok_hand:

Also, you announced office/support will be closed monday May 1 - is that even a day…? Isn’t May 1 a tuesday? You got special May days over in Finland? :smiley: I hope you are open for business today. :confused:

Thanks for noticing, yes it is indeed Tuesday we are closed. I have now fixed the announcement! :slight_smile:

(I also got a automatic reply on my support ticket, informing me that the office is closed.)

My apologies for the problem, we are currently investigating this issue and try to get it resolved as soon as possible!


That are things I don’t understand - making a maintenance break and then the guys are going for holiday? Are we supposed to freeze our accounts until Wednesday without the possibility of farming or titans (and alliance war?)

I got similar issue and it looks like it only affect our alliance - what is frustrating because the devs will not give it a high priority

Edit: thanks for your answer @Petri - I only already sent the comment before your hint appeared

This should be fixed now!

We’ll make sure to monitor the game and ensure continues service during the holidays as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks. We was happy to have our Titan back :blush:

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