[SOLVED] The Museum changes its position

The Museum changes its position when the scale changes. He either stands on the platform, or seems to be hanging in the air. And in the “Move” mode completely disappears.


shouldn’t this be in beta?

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It has already been released for everyone in version 55.


@Witch this is already in Beta.

@TDSM thx for the bug report. This is already noticed by someone on Museum Beta topic, but so far we don’t have a separate bug report topic for this.


Wouldn’t it be cool if the door hangs in open air ? :joy::rofl:


On iPhone, the museum seems to be the wrong size. When you zoom out, it gets larger, when you zoom in, it gets smaller. The museum looks like it’s just a static PNG that’s overlaid on the base, and not part of the base itself.

I don’t know if the same issue persists on Android.

I thought this would’ve been fixed when the museum was released, i.e., placeholder graphics. It hasn’t and is one of the most embarrassingly bad bits of coding I’ve seen in the game full stop. Mhalttu would be rolling in his grav… I mean dollars

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Just as a reminder but this seems to be fixed for me in v56, both for the museum entrance size when zooming in and out and for the entrance not disappearing when trying to move a building.
I don’t remember seeing a line about this in the release notes but it seems fixed nonetheless.


I confirm that this has been fixed in version 56. :wink:

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I see this in the release notes:

Probably it is fixed as a part of this fix, and I can also confirm that it is fixed.

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