[SOLVED] Texting by email forum bug

There’s no button such as “show quoted text” when typing an email.
It only appears when u send it

Maybe 3 dots ( “…” ) ?

They exists…
And do it…
So I’m going to test does it work

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2nd attempt(1st one was too short)
Edit: IT WORKED!!!


So it’s preference, not bug😄


Same problem.i reply email for badge.see reply show my email address is not save member privacy

It was half a year ago :confused:
Anyway, when ur typing you just need to click this

And then delete the text that appears.
It’s very simple.
Btw. How is this thread is not closed by the system?

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Is a thread not related how many year ago :ghost: only solved write no write step how delete email in reply but is good you write step to delete email in reply this reply help future new members