[SOLVED] Talent Bug - Earned Talent not Showing at Alliance War

Apology if it was already logged. I somehow lost a track after the inflation of the new recent threads.

A member of my alliance has applied a talent level 1 towards Bold Tusk (some 5 hour ago). It is shown in an alliance members table and reportedly in Raids too.

4 hours ago we started a war and talent was removed from Bold Tusk at war. It is like it never existed. (but it still exists at the table). Has anyone experienced the same issue?

You should post screenshots or open a support jacket and send them there.

I encountered the same thing. I’ll post screenshots later.

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The screenshots show it was applied 11 hours ago. The war started 9hours 36 minutes ago. So, the promotion was done well before the start of the war and it still was not taken to the war. @Petri is this intentional or a bug ? And if it is intentional what time is the latest deadline before the war starts to apply the talent promotion?

It appeared about an hour ago (when the war had about 8 hours left). Thanks SGG for a quick fix.

@AaronL Is it now working for you too?

Just to confirm, it works as intended now and worked properly in the last war. In addition, adding to the talent grid for a hero on your war defense team causes the change to show up on your war defense team during an active war, which would be the expected result, since the same happens through traditional leveling of heroes.

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