[SOLVED] Status effect applied despite Silence if hero dies of Counter Attack (v28)

So how do we know if they are looking into this?

Was a previously reported :slight_smile:

The previous instance is marked as a known issue with staff working on a fix.

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I have no idea but I’d figured as long as theres proof that theres a glitch/flaw with enough views it can be brought up to SG and they can patch it with the next update

Hi @Petri, @zephyr1,

Please have a look at the below screenshots, this seems like a bug. So first, Malosi fired at Ursena which should have blocked her from generating buffs but, I think that due to the fact that she killed herself from Sif’s reflect this bug appears. As you can see, after she dies, Finley has the yellow reflect shield on him. Please fix this.

This has been fixed in the new update (version 29). Marking this as solved!

Fixed a bug where a silenced hero applied the status effects when dying to counter-attack.


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