[SOLVED] Status effect applied despite Silence if hero dies of Counter Attack (v28)

Bug with new hero of the month malosi if malosi of ultum for example, in June and June ultum in contraataca and dies, his debut passes and so with all who killed about contraataca and is under debator malosi, their debuffs and buffs are.

https://youtu.be/JP4tQ20HyW8 . 1.30-1.45

What does contraataca Mean?

You shot Boril and died?

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Я не знаю английского, а переводчик переводит полную фигню, кто из русских знает английский переведите текст который ниже.
Ошибка с новым героем месяца малоси, если малоси ультует например в джуна и джун ультует в контраатаку и умирает, его дебаф проходит и так со всеми кто убивается об контраатаку и находится под дебафом малоси, их дебафы и бафы проходят.

Anyone a good russian translator? I’m not understanding the problem even using google translate.

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Neo vs Малоси хард тест - YouTube. 1.30-1.45


Ahh I see what you mean (updated the OP to include the video link).

The Bug you are saying is:

  • Malosi put his Status Effect on Drake Fong
  • Drake Fong fired his special off, targetting Sif (and nearby) who had counter attack active
  • Drake Fong died from the counter damage
  • Blind Status Effect on Sif & nearby

I PERSONALLY am unsure if this is a bug or it is working as intended. I have passed it along to the SGG staff for their QA team to look into.

Essentially what has happened is essentially a “Order of Operations” thing.

  1. Drake fong fired his Damage
  2. Counter damage is calculated & reflected back at drake
  3. Blind applied

Because drake died from step 2, the De/Buff Blocker from Malosi was no longer in effect (status effects die with the hero) & as such the blind was applied.


Means To counterattack…

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Interesting. I think it should follow through and the blind should not be applied even though Drake died.

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Thanks for posting the video!

Agreed; hence why I’ve notified the SGG staff :slight_smile:

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I hope you marked it urgent and typed everything in caps.

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20 screenshots of sneaky Mod messages :wink:


ВНИМАНИЕ: НОВЫЙ ГМ - НОВЫЙ БАГ!!! - YouTube. 3.30-3.40

We managed to reproduce the issue here and we’ll look into fixing this. I’ve marked this as a known issue and edited the title.

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I’ve noticed Malosi special even though its active it gets negated when the enemy dies during initiating their special.

I had it on Vela and she attacked while Elena counterattack was active. Vela died in the process but her water damage went thru.

Also had another raid when Khionna used her special the block popped up because she was alive but when Joon used his special during Elena Counterattck being active he died in the process but the accuracy went thru.


Made a video that shows the potential bug.

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Definitely a bug. SGG needs to get on this just as soon as they’re back from easter holiday!!!



2nd video shows how Joon special doesnt go thru when he stays alive after his special. 1st video shows his accuracy passing thru when he dies during the process

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