[SOLVED - Staff Response Post #27] Wrong war matching / Players Under Level 12 Participating in Wars

We had something very similar to this in our war matchmaking for today’s war as well, and the issue I see in this image isn’t just that there’s an empty defense, it’s that the player in question is only level 4. They shouldn’t even be able to be included in the war team unless something has recently changed. Coincidentally, the specific instance with our alliance also involved a level 4 player being included. Between this and the stupidity of players being opted in by default when they reach level 12 means that we are fighting our current war with 12 fewer flags than our opponents.

Same case here, and sister alliance too… 3 people who opted out where included in the battlefield this war.

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@Petri, @KiraSG, kindly ask for the feedback.

In fact, opting out doesn’t work.
It’s huge.

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It seems very likely that there is a serious and potentially exploitable glitch/bug with the war opt in/out system.

Please investigate.

Thank you for the reports, we are currently investigating this here.


2 players under level 12 have ended up in war but because they’re under level 12 they cant set teams.

As you can see they been used in the player number matchup

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@Petri @KiraSG

This is not the first war, last war we seen same reports.
This puts teams at a serious disadvantage at the start of war. Can we please get somebody to look into this as this not seems to be an incident.

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Similar problem on this war for our team. Level 33 player in war while war participation checkbox set to false.

Warning message says “You won’t join next war if your defensive team has less than 5 heros”.
Should the player leave its team un complete, to avoid participation?
Thank you in advance

Are there two separate issues happening this war? We have one player who has opted out for the summer and now appears on our war field.

Another player has always opted out until his team is stronger and he was included last war. He was shocked at being included and made sure he was opted out of this war. His team is on our field for this war again.

We are waiting for confirmation from these players that they haven’t intentionally opted back in - I’ll update this post once we’ve heard from them.

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I’ve disabled war on my 2nd account for quite some time now. I use it to communicate with opponents by sending requests.

While I wasn’t logged on for few days the request got accepted and I got placed into the warfield, dispite of still having my war flagged OFF!

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This is what is being reported on this thread. I’ll flag your post so the mods can determine if a separate thread should be started. It seems to be two different issues happening this war.

These two issues are related and that’s why they were merged. As noted, we are investigating the issue here.


thanks, must I participate in this war?

When you are on the field that means you are included into the war. For the alliance it would be best to participate but nobody can force you.


The sad thing is often players opt out without telling anyone. The players may be away and not even aware they are on the field.

The alliance may be desperately waiting for these players to use their flags, and perhaps some players may get kicked for leaving flags.


There is a known issue in the game which has caused some players under level 12 or players who were in Spectator Mode, to be opted into the war. We have fixed the root cause of this issue, but all affected players need to login to the game or be kicked from the alliance to resolve the issue. Please note that the fix will not apply for the current war, as these wars have been already been matched.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue. We have now been in touch with the affected alliances, who contacted us through support.


Thank you so much! Sorry I thought it was a separate issue… I think back to last war and we did not have players under level 12 but had players tell us they were opted out and they were on the field… WE just thought they were confused!! I see now it was the same bug. I await my email. Thank you so much for your quick fix! ( pete posted for me I was new ) Thank you!!!

So we have no option but to participate in this war despite being opted out?


Here comes a flask for your troubles

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I think, If you can participate Socio yes. That would really help your alliance. as in our case (460871) our players are not even level 12 so we just lose 12 flags… :frowning: but thanks to E&P for fixing the issue for the next war. still awaiting our email from you. :smile_cat: . I just hope everyone understands and will not leave our alliance we are at a major disadvantage.
I also hope nobody gets kicked that thought they were opted out. Accidents happen.


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