[SOLVED] Springvale offer available NOW on iOS

Hello guys,

As of now Springvale donation offers are available on many Apple devices!
What’s more - you can buy them ))
Kindly ask to fix this.

@Petri , @Guvnor


Yes I noticed this, and purchased the top offer and then once I bought 4 it’s reappeared allowing me to buy them again if I wanted… I haven’t

The calendar looks weird, too… not sure where is Sunday or Monday :joy: since free calendar items usually on Sundays, then it is most likely April 2021 calendar… that is available in March :roll_eyes:


I Install 36.0 patch in ios and spring offers appeared, i think it’s a bug

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Thank you for the report, we’re currently investigating this here!


It’s too appeared and then missing

Same as what @renato_21 describes. I’m in the US. Have the Springvale offers and Vivica’s special offer popped once but has since disappeared.

I’m an iOS user and those two offers pop up after the Update , some of my friends mention that the Update didn’t appear in their phone stor

Same here in Japan. Spring Offer and Vivica Offer pop up after updating to Ver.36… but due that I needed an epic token, I bought the offer and it works


It’s not. That is the March-April 2021 Calendar. March 29 is a Monday and the first Sunday of the month of April 2021 falls on the 4th, which coincides on the free stuff regularly doled out during seasonal events.

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It is normal to see few last days of the previous month on the same week :slight_smile: however, this particular calendar appeared way too early in the game… Today is 18th, and if I wouldn’t check next month calendar on my phone, I would have expected free stuff today. But the coin deal is available already… isn’t that nice :grin:
Anyways, will wait on update from Petri:)

The calendar was removed for now :slight_smile: thanks Petri

The fix for this issue is now live for all players. Thank you again for reporting and for your patience.


Fantastic, but no update in googleplay and still don’t have Springvale calendar offers.

I am on iOS. Game is on Version 36.0.0 Build 888. I still do not have the Springvale calendar offers.

They should be visible starting from march 29 only.

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Oh. Well ok then, ha! Based on the other updates in this thread, I was under the assumption that people could already see the calendar. Ignore me then. :slight_smile:

They could see it, but it was due to a bug :slight_smile:

I missed those offers! Oh no! Lol

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