[SOLVED] Skadi stacks are being lost with Crystalis corrosive ice stack

Well this bug caused me to loose almost two matches and I couldnt figure out at first,
what was causing Skadi’s stacks on enemies to dissapear.

When it happened second time ( the match I lost), it clicked for me.
Crystalis dot was deleting Skadi’s stacks.

I used Skadi to clear 5 minions Krampus made in the corner, so every enemy had 5 Skadis stacks…

And after using Crystalis, stacks started to diseapear or diminish as seen in picture bellow :slight_smile:
(notice mana debuff 5 stacks remained)

and after Crystalis dot went away :

I clearly won the match with 5 Skadi stacks in early, but deletion of Skadis stacks gave enemy time to get back and heal properly…Lost match in current tournament format.

For compensation, I accept costume Krampus :smiley:


really strange, as the decription says:

Bug with “Skadi + Crystalis” - Bugs & Issues - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)

in here is noted from staff:

After investigation we decided that Corrosive status effects should not affect stacks, as corrosive would be the only anomaly that as a status effect would affect stacks. So from now on Corrosive status effects only affect other status effect. So Skadis frost and Crystalis’ corrosive frost can be on an enemy at the same time. Hopefully this makes sense, so it’s working now differently than before.

seems you need to issue an in game support ticket…
I have flagged it as well to bring it to their attention


Thank you for the report. We were able to reproduce this issue here and will look into fixing it! I’ll mark this topic as a known issue.


This issue has been fixed in the latest update (Version 45). I’ll mark the topic as solved.

Per release notes:

  • Crystalis’s Corrosive Frost no longer overrides Skadi’s Frost Stacks