[SOLVED] Servers down May 21st 2019

All fine again, man was I looking forward to an explosive shitstorm (do i say that right, I’m from Austria) :joy:


Greetings extraterrestrial! :grinning:

Lol a shitstorm it would have been my friend

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Confirm, seems to be back to normal.
We will see how long it will hold.

A million gems (each) would square it. Grin.

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Not long, tournament coming soon! :joy:


Is it the tournament again?

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I went to do a raid. Server glitched, so I lost

23 minutes to server meltdown! :joy:

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:sob: :rage:

20 char

Saving popcorn for 30min and tracking this post…:joy::joy:

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Had some problems here, but now it’s working fine again…

I have the same issue. Sort of a bummer. We had just 3 hours left to kill a titan and I had spent flasks and a lot of items trying t o get the kill.

My titan hit has been recorded and counted for.
So looks like nothing lost in the space of internet.

Seems to be working again but I will wait with doing some critical things for a short period. Just to be sure.

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SERVER Down and no alliance?? Will we get this fixed before matchmaking begins??

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Same here…

20 servers down

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Titan disappeared also

Yeah, I can’t really get in. Then when I do it is showing no alliance, no rankings, no raids possible.

Yep, server down and booted from game

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I have the same problem… And now I cand opened the game. I think it for all players

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