[SOLVED] Servers down May 21st 2019

Alliance disappeared, on global chat I can see a lot of other players complaining.
SG move repair the issue I have lost a lot by this.



Me too! I looked down and thought I’d hit the global alliance chat, and when I went to go back to my own, it said I had to join an alliance first! Heart attack! I’m colead and have been there since December!

EDIT: Yes, also having connection issues too! Farg!!! And my profile doesn’t show that I’m in an alliance; someone on global chat had just said theirs showed up on their profile but they weren’t in the alliance.

Yes me too … kicked out of my own alliance ???

Just all of a sudden I was chatting in alliance, then jump to AR but show my name having an alliance. Now I can’t get back to game.

And as an update now I can not connect to game. Hurry SG - this is critical error.

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Same problems again, I guess… I got “servers running at maximum capacity” message, and can`t access the game.

Have the same after titan hit got message that titan was defeat already… It just spawned.
Returned to town and noticed that I was out of alliance.

Shut down the game and now cannot reconnect anymore.
Looks like server issues.

Edit: changed topic title.
@Garanwyn @Rook @zephyr1 prepare to merge some topics :slight_smile:


Same here. Was in alliance chat and booted to global then realized I was out of my alliance.


I had it too. I guess it’s only a stupid error message, probably some server issue…

@Petri . Please take note of this event, please repair. Compensation would be nice also,


same thing happened to me

2 times in a 10 day great server performance

Same here! I jus messaged one of the guys in my alliance to say dude what the heck!? I restarted my phone, it wouldn’t let me connect, then it said that I was cocurrently logged in when this is my only device, I got back in literally as I was trying this and my alliance is still gone.

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Clearly it is a server issue (again). Just hang loose and hope for some compensation …

At least we’re all on it right away; maybe they’ll see the message soon and fix it! I was about to finish a batch of world energy and go to bed, and now I’ve lost it, as have we all. :frowning:

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Yeah… I would think SG owes us some compensation for this glitch/server outage. What do you think we should get?

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grabs some popcorn to watch the reaction on server hiccups


Things are working now

Set of 4* AM. 20 characters.

Funny, looks totally broken :rofl: that’s it, back to diablo 3 :rofl:

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