[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

Got kicked mid Titan hit to make it that much better!



Has the server crashed again?

Brace yourself… the merge is coming :slight_smile:

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It must be a server or something. I can’t log in either. I’m addicted to this game and I need my fix real soon.


I didnt get who I wanted. But now have 7 cats and 6 captains

It just stays on the connecting screen …


My game just crashed and will not let me log back into it. Are you aware of the issue or do you have a time frame for when it may be fixed?

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Same from Southwest Missouri

I happens too frequently now. Can they please invest in good servers?

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Netflix it is then! Gl

And I am sure there will be no compensation for those who wasn’t kicked from game but just can’t connect now when they have time to play (like me for example).


Game down for me as well.

Yep. Stuck on “Connecting…”

This is a good topic to get merged lmao I can see 4 threads already asking why connection isn’t working

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I blame AWS.
■■■■ you Jeff Bezos! :joy:

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Same here. Dont know what is happening

Yes … is not connecting

can’t put in an in-game support ticket, can’t get in the game, and we have a rare 11* dragon rooster on the ropes!

SE US here, but alliance members from all over are having same issue.

Yes i think the server down

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