[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

Yep. One and a half hour can be a long time in this game. Thankfully this didn’t happen during a war. But one and a half our can mean (for example) a difference between titan defeated and titan escaped.

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Yeah that’s what happened to us. 200k was left and and at last count 6 couldn’t get on. However, I’m very appreciative of SG and their thoughtfulness toward the community.

Acho que o problema está se repetindo, São Paulo, Brasil segunda-feira 19 de janeiro 2019 , 21:30 horas!

I wasn’t affected. :slight_smile:

Когда решите проблему с сервером, пишет не соединения((((

They could of give something for this

They are, for players directly affected.

If you have concerns about whether you’re going to be compensated appropriately, I’d suggest contacting Support directly:

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So compensation was already sent to players?

I’m not sure if they’ve finished sending compensation yet or not. But if you have concerns about your personal compensation, or lack thereof, I’d contact support.

Is it only for those how affected by the 2nd server crash or will they giv for both?

They sent compensation for the first server outage already. They announced that they’d do the same for the second outage too, I just don’t know if they’ve finished that yet.

Ok then I will mail the support. Dont mean i got for that. Wasnt on at the 2nd crash.

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I have not heard anything about any compensation yet. I would presume that if any compensation was issued already, the compensated players would talk about it here. But nothing so far.

(I mean the second server crash, of course.)

No they did not. I got nothing. Not that I was complaining… but if that was the case not all users here match usernames with the games so it couldnt be direct… I am sure it had to be general.

Yea so I never saw anything.

To clarify: they sent compensation to those identified as affected by game logs, or who contacted Support directly.

There was no bulk compensation for everyone, it was tailored to each player.

Thanks for clarifying. Its important to be clear :smiley:

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I concur, 20 no compensations.
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But no1 in the whole forum reported any compensation yet - that‘s weird isn‘t it?

Several people reported they received compensation from the first server outage, which is my comment you’re replying to.

As I’ve said a few times upthread, I have no idea what the status is for compensation from the second outage.

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