[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

back up… No compensation yet though :roll_eyes:


Interesting, on my iPhone it connected immediately when I tried it again after people started reporting they could get in.

But that’s helpful advice for anyone having issues, thanks!


I just got back in. I was busy typing when everyone started getting back online… Thanks, tho.

Time zone EST (eastern pennsylvania). And i tried the reboot before i even checked here.

I may have lost my entire game. Please tell me someone can help me fix this… I don’t want to be stuck starting over, and if I am I sure won’t be buying anything through the game anymore. When I was finally able to open the game again it was back at the beginning of it. I did connect through facebook though so I’m wondering if there’s a way to retrieve my data through that?

I also have my account number for the game. Because it kept showing up when I was stuck on the loading screen so I took a screenshot of it. Plus I can prove it’s my account cause I bought something in the game with my credit card.

Finally got back into the game to a Titan Escaped screen. Annoyed.

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Next will be soon :slight_smile:

If your issue doesn’t resolve you will need to create a support ticket. Click here to start.


I’m STILL waiting! 9pm EST South Jersey

I have a complaint. Before the recent server issue I had 190 gems. Now I only have 115. I need to know what will be done about this please.

You have to log in to google play when you’re playing. That’s where the data is stored. Otherwise the game has to retrieve it from your device and there it’s not at all safe… I went back to the exact moment where I left off, including all the counters/timers etc

You’ll need to open a support ticket. None of the forum staff deals with individual account issues.

My sincerest apologies for the server incident that caused players to be unable to connect last night (around 0:00-01:30 GMT+0). Our server team worked hard to solve it as soon as possible.

We’re also looking into compensating players who were affected by this incident.


Game still randomly shutting down and failing to connect. Double checked internet, but everything else works fine.
Is there an update in progress that is causing these occurrences?

Thank you when will this compensation happen? I had at least 4 players including myself unable to get on and our titan escaped bc of that.

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We’ll be compensating the players in the coming days (hopefully already tomorrow). Thank you for the patience!


Thank you for being so responsive to the community.


EVERYONE was affected… Whether booted off game like me, or unable to connect at all thus my alliance losing out Titan win.


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