[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

I had to completely close the app and shut down my phone and restart it to get back in.

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Probably for the P2Ws. For the C2P/F2Ps, here’s a free wooden sword.

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Im back in game ! Weeee can play

aaaand we’re back in Montreal! Thank you gentlemen, thank you ballboys. At least for a moment there we chatted…

Working again !!! Spain Europe !!

does anyone know where the physical server lives?

Sierto argentina servidor arriba

Back up, USA
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Interesting question… It’s no doubt more than “a server” of course. I’m wondering if they run this in house or using some 3rd party to host things.

They use AWS. So potentially lots of places.

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Ah, of course! twenty chars

The servers are back up y’all. Go check!!! Praise the Lord!

hope to see good stuff in my inbox soon! don’t be stingy now, SG!


The Cat in CST (central) USA got in. Woohoo!


And people all around the world lived happily ever after ;)… because the servers are “back” again!


Yay! Back in game
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The Matrix is restored!

Hello Rook. As of 19:40 EST, i’ve been having the same “connecting” issue. I’m not using wifi. Any idea how long?

I logged out and back in just now and got in. Have you tried the ol “turn device off/on again”? If so, which time zone are you in? I’m not sure service has been restored everywhere yet…

@zephyr1 my game & members of my alliance still could not access the game. Here’s the fix for “iPhone” users.
Turn off your WiFi, close out settings. Open game. It should open. Then close your game, go back to settings & turn WiFi back on. You should have no more problems accessing the game. This is only for iPhone users. :blush:


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