[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

No. But this is in prime time…

Down here too. Buffalo ,NY

Down in NY, USA. Checked here and looks like its an oopsie!

I have mother north. And santa just got kunchen and 3 chesire cats


That’s why I’m wondering if they are having some bigger issue than a locked up server.

I have lost connection to the game. It worked earlier today. Then this evening the game gets stuck on the connecting screen.

We were at like 440,000 last i checked

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nj dead as well really fix it people

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Mother North or GraveMaker or Guinevere


If I waisted my titan refills I will be typing a strongly worded letter to someone. W T F!!!

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Got free gems in past, think was 100

Yeah we beat him up good

I did a 10x pull an hour into the Wonderland summon and got QoH, Captain of Diamonds. Later got Alice x2 and 3 cats. Just needed Hatter, which i missed on. If i could pick just one 5 i think it’d be Guardian Panther. Though Ares and Kageburado wouldnt hurt either lol


Translation (Russian): Ukraine, Kiev connection problem. Account #••••••. A couple of people from the clan who are online now also faced this problem.

Unable to login here as well East Coast usa.

Are you in my alliance?

How long ago was that?

Good morning, I can not log in to the game. I write From italy.

Mother North yes! She’s my avatar! I love the exotics despite their functionality!


No i have my own alliamce

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