[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

My game won’t reconnect

Game is down world wide

You are all complaining but are you going to loose a 10* titan because of this. We are

Same issue on two devices

Yep. Was just going into level 8-4 for last 3 monster kill to fill purple raid chest and that was it. Kicked me out and stuck on “connecting”. In Ohio. Thanks

I can’t get on either, this has never happened before. I use safi

Southeast Virginiais down. Guessing it’s global.

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Oh my the withdrawals that my boyfriend is having from his 5 accounts


Omg this is such bull

Yikes…hope everyone completed the trial or servers come back up soon…

Empires and puzzles convention this might be the beginning of something big !!!
We always complain about things in the game
But when it stops working
Pandemonium !!!
Btw I just got a notification that my iron storage is upgraded but I still can’t get in !! Gems materials and emblems please for the inconvenience !!


How will we know if we can’t get on

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And i just wanted to complete the emblems trial. :sweat_smile:


Still not working for me

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It lets me know where my affection truly lies… :wink:


Everyone should get one free titan , works and raid refill for this craziness


How does one :poop: without E&P ?


It’s 3:00am in Finland, let’s give them a minute to wake up and do something… The breakage might not even be directly under SG’s control, could be a service provider or something. Stuff breaks sometimes, it happens…

The timing isn’t the best for people battling rare Titans and such. I expect they will more than likely make up for that in some way like they’ve done in the past. At least this happened after the war finished…


Thank you! this is the only place I found information!!!

I want a free pet dragon, a space-time portal, a 5* of my choice…oh, I mean… :grin:


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