[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

Just turn it off and on again!


Down in Dubai, hopefully they compensate us with some free ascension items…


Turned off and on multiple times… still doesn’t work

Thank you, @Rook.

20 dancing and patient characters

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I can not log in either.

I did, three times. Doesn’t work

Yes it is. Lololololol

What the ")%&%§ is that :)?

Out in us chitown stupid

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Yes can’t log on, everyone is having same problem

looks to me like I am actually getting connected, just nothing is shown on the screen. after a certain amount of time on BlueStack it says I was disconnected due to inactivity. if I try to connect on my phone, it says on BS that I was disconnected due to concurrent login. cant do that if you arent connected in the first place.
the clock is ticking and the energy is being wasted!

My advice to the Finns. “Just turn it off and on again”. Not your phone… was a geek joke…

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Same here i think they should give us titan loot if it goes on very long

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Thank you @rook. I’ll keep checking back.


My game won’t load. Stuck on picture of 3 heros and baby dragon.



Its 1 of 3 people responsible for this…

Dr Strange…


The Hatter


:rofl: you just made my day

Lots of Rare titans out there! My alliance is fighting a rare right now! We still have about 12 hours left, but, what use is it for the moment to try and gets some people to help take it down?!

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