[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

Southern Cali just get connection screen for last 2 hrs

Still down in UK… This happened before recently never got compensated for it… :cry:

No se puede entrar al juego acá desde argentina tenemos ■■■án activo y varios de la alianza no pueden conectar

they raked in so much money last few days that they’re still drunk on Wonderland’s champagne… lol


Yup, same in Long Beach, CA. Been down for at least 20 mins. Was right in the middle of a raid. :confused:

Half of the alliance cant get on now

Same in France, unable to connect…

Me neither… guess nobody… :frowning:

Same problem here… Question is does the titan timer stop when this problem occurs?? I know I’ve spent over $4,000 and some people 10 times as much… how can they not keep this game up and running. BTW I’m on the eastern side of America.

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Same in Jupiter , we can’t connect either


Yep I am as well & lost flags because of it smh.

Im uk, most of the alliance is usa, dam i was collecting battle items , ready for titan hit

Down in SoCal! Right in the middle of a Titan attack!

That sucks… Hope you guys get to log in before it escapes

My game crashed and I can’t get back in either. I tried all the normal fix steps…4th time I’ve had this issue, very frustrated!

Down everywhere apparently, was trying to hit before work, but alas…

I’m at the South Pole. I’m connected!


Got booted off about 30 minutes ago. On full wifi, steaming Hulu and Netflix. Problem with the server? Had just tried to claim a summoned hero, not sure if it added or not? Can’t get in, East Coast U.S.

Yes. I was leveling a toon and server booted me. Now stuck on connecting screen. SG twitter feed has no announcement.

Out in Australia… Must be a global issue… we have/had a 12* Titan with 2 hours left and only 180k left to go… Lucky day for him.

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