[SOLVED] Servers are down (1 Feb)

Great…now i have to actually do work.

Hey everyone, I cannot log in. Is there a problem with the game? I get a message that I have to connect with the internet. But I am able to use internet elsewhere but for the game. I was fighting the Dark Lord!!! WHY???!!!

Nope. it’s just you. everyone else on this thread is pulling your leg.



Ok then, ■■■■ SGG, we need a full evolved 5* for this problem ! Even 2 ! Purple for me btw, would be cool. Or just one, Kunchen would fit me :smiley:


Like many others, I was in the middle of something. It would sure be nice if they at least refilled our world/raid/titan energies as an apology. Just say “hey, we apologize for the inconvenience” somehow.

There are currently some issues affecting the players’ connection to the game servers. Apologies!
We are working hard on trying to solve this ASAP.


Thank you Sara, a fast answer as always. Keep up the good work :smiley:

Edit : and don’t forget my Kunchen !


Let’s not get greedy… I’m sure most of us have a rare mat that we just need “one more” of.

or… here’s a cool idea. Give us a “prize chest” that gives one random 4* ascension item, 30 emblems and 100 gems.


Same here… :slight_smile:

Emblems are ok for me as well :smiley:


Just lost 20 world energy due to the server being full. I am in deep anger. Played half way through the last stage of morlovia and then got kicked out. Hoping for a WE flask…

did this happen to anyone else?


I had just finished that stage, probably only 5 min before it happened


Yup, during the raid!

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The same for me - during the raid. No luck with reconnecting yet.

Same here…

I’ve lost too… we are waitin for recompensation :angry: diamonds or golden epic token :smiley:

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Same. Fortunately I was doing only a 5 flag stage

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Me too, in the middle of a raid.

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Same here and during a raid.

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HotM plz.

(20 charzlkjwer,md)


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