[SOLVED] Servers are down (1 Feb)

Like watching ads now :joy::joy:

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I have just spend all gems for 10xtry and it has disconnected me. Hope I will be able to recover the gems.

I have problems with connection…even if all my disposables are normally connected and get in the web…what s happen?

We want a compensation for such a big mistake… :grin:

Server error. Grrrrr

I can’t connect to the server 2. And it is not problem with my connection. Other games are working properly. I clean my cash, reset mobile phone and nothing helps. What can i do more ?

I’m back in now.


We were fighting a RARE TITAN…

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Server full again. 2/1/2019. No

Server is full again February first 2019

Same here, all my alliance to…

Chill, we’ll get a little compensation for it & everyone who lost gems during the process will recover it from the support.

They are nice guyz, don’t worry :blush:


Game for 50M and doesn’t have servers capacity to run, loool :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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The Question is “Will there be a new global babyboom” now?


I just want to applaud @Kerridoc for his masterful merging of topics :clap::clap::clap:

Do you keep track of how many merges you do for one topic? Was this one some sort of record?


Same as all those guys below, I wanted to confirm that it is working for me now!

I’m back in, FWIW.

Added: Oh wow, now I understand that stuff about twenty characters.

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Ah, I just got attacked.


Let’s do something in real life #LOL
Has been a long time ago :dizzy_face:

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Our life has a meaning again. hahaha

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