[SOLVED] Servers are down (1 Feb)

Hello everyone,

Am I alone being unable to connect to the game or it is a general problem ?

Thanks !


Both my profiles are down as well

Same problem here :frowning:

Cannot connect either.

Well, me too. Server full it reads.

Aaaw, let’s cry together :frowning:

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I just got kicked out in the middle of farming as well, so it must be the servers and not just you. Maybe another update?

Same here.

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Posting for hopeful resolution

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Also went down, definitely not just you

And I was just about to level up ! :joy:

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GAH! And I was just succeeding in a raid against a 4* and 5* team with my 4/3 squad, too! I was so pleased with it all, too!




Yes server is down…

Pareil attaque titan et perte de connexion

I disconnected from battle… Great… Goodbye my energy

Sounds like the game knew you all were doing awesome things & just closed itself to avoid your victories :rofl:


It was all done on purpose, I swear.

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I was in a Titan fight and bf was doing a raid and it went away

I’m unable to connect as well.

I was finishing a boss battle in hard mode after expending many items. Then i get a pop up stating that servers are full. BS. I want my items back at least!

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