[SOLVED] Server Issue (12 Oct)

Cannot connect to game. My fiancé is having the same issue. We have separate phone networks. We’ve tried to connect connected and disconnected to our WiFi. Any suggestions?


Same for me and my son

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Same here, I was in the middle of raiding when it happened. I ask my brother to login to the game and he got the same message.

Yeah samefor me i think its to do with the event issue not giving out loot i think they working on it to fix it

I had connection error then got server is full error.
I’m sure they will have it up and running swiftly…

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Got into the game after connection error kept popping up (closed and reopened) but now this happened when I tried to do my daily…

Just keeps spinning round and round endlessly.
As well as that, tried to do a tourney battle before, wouldn’t load team. Also wouldn’t load the team of the person who attacked me.

We are currently experiencing some server issues and are investigating.

Thank you for your patience while we are trying to fix this issue as soon as possible!


Same for me. Fought in the tournament, energy used, no info on the attack, and also no points.

same for me
20 connecrion/freeze ups lol

I updated (not forced) was playing and then got booted and now won’t connect

Same for me… lost one tournament flag…

I started the new tour yesterday and won the 1st match, yet you have me listed as having a loss. Your network went down during the 2nd round looking for an opponent and I think this created the problem

Is this each month? Very annoying!!

Same for me, no conection…

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Same here. Whole alliance has same problem.
Well, it was updated last night.
After every update new server isuse?

those account IDs!! please delete the images with that info on them


Same here :frowning:

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